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Journey to the mysterious peyote desert, pyramids, mountains and waterfalls of the magical Mexico

When: 27.10. - 16.11.2014

Guides: Zdeněk Ordelt - Czech Republic

              Dovile Sirusaite - Lithuania

Dear friends, 

accept an invitation to a unique journey through the mysterious shamanic Mexico. Under the guidance of an experienced teacher Zdenek Ordelt who lived among the local Indians for two years, a group of adventurers will travel through the sacred sites of Mexican shamans and experience a unique adventure.

Mexico is one of the most important countries among those that still keep old message of the ancient indigenous people. We can still find wild natural places with pure energy and beauty. There live old tribes, who survived long time of the darkness, but still keep important teachings, which lead us to understand who we are, where we came from and where we go. 

We will discover the deep roots of the native culture on our journey. Also, will experience how the modern culture intervened in those people lives and where modern Matrix will never reach.

We will visit local tribes, Huichol shamans, Aztec and try to get to know more of their mysterious teachings. We will travel to the sacred places with them or the guide will lead the group. This will include participation in the celebration of the day of the dead people - La fiesta de la muerte together with the Aztecs in old city of the Tepoztlan.

 The entire program will depend on the group and its ability to handle incoming situations. Therefore, the number of places and the program can slightly change on the road. The guides will use their knowledge and will help to get where intension of the group is heading.

We will study the sacred Mayan calendar and each member will get his/her name.

Because this trip will be very intense, you need to prepare for it. If possible, the group will meet before departing for performing a shamanic ceremony, which will be important for us to ask spirits for guidance and protection. Otherwise, I will send you clear instructions on the various topics.

Approximate travel plan: 

After arriving in Mexico City, we acclimatize and explore the historic city center. We will visit the pyramids in the center of the city - Templo Mayor, Museum of Anthropology, magic marketplace full of scents and colors, view unique art Mexican artists and to equip our journey with necessary shamanic items. We will  dance with aztec indians as well.

In addition, we will travel to a very magical place, Amatlan, where Quetzalcoatl, Ce Acatl Topiltzin was born. He is known as the feathered serpent and the spiritual master of the local population. At the place where he received his name, you will get your new names in Nahuatl and explanation about your path in person from the elder Don Julio.

 Then we spend together magical time at a place called La Puerta, where we will live in a Tipi. We will learn special rest and relaxation techniques, such as Temazcal - house of hot stones, meditation, yoga, shamanic drumming, etc.

Then we will take part in the grand celebration of the day of the ancestors and dead people - La fiesta de los muertos in the same place.

We will go to powerfull Teotihuacan pyramids to enjoy its mystery and magic and study its sacreds. 

Then we will travel north, where we will first go to the magic town Real de Catorce. In the mountains we can ride horses or walk the beautiful trails to sacred places of Huichol Indians. You will also be introduced to some shamanic practices. We will ask the permission to enter the desert by shamanic ceremonies, the gift to the spirits of the mountains, which will bring you to the holy places, to express their respect. This work will then be very important for a smooth transition to a magical desert Wirikuta, where local shamans call out the spirits of Hikuri and perform magical works with Peyote medicine (Lofofora Williams). This medicine is primarily known for us from the works of Carlos Castaneda as the Mezcalito spirit. Sacred plants have profound therapeutic effects and are strong medicine. Everyone will have the opportunity to attend a ceremony with Peyote. The Wirikuta no one leaves the same. This loving beautiful area of the country you will leave with a lasting impression and the healing power that will accompany for a long time.

 After that, we will wander back to the south direction. Along the way we will stop at the famous Tamasopo waterfalls, or other aquatic delights of nature, to fill up the water element in our body.

 Upon arriving in Mexico City, we will continue learning Toltec sacred dance La Danza Azteca, we will penetrate into the mysteries of ancient magical movements that awoke archaic consciousness.

We will finish our journey in heart of the ancient magic Mexico.

 As I have mentioned, our group has absolute freedom of choices and this may modify the program, so some places will be added or subtracted. This is one of the benefits of travel- finding personal freedom.


Who can participate?

 Whoever feels in his heart is able to travel in a team with equipment and is willing to know.This journey is designed for people any age, if you are physically healthy enough.

 Why will this event is unique?

 Z.O. personally familiar with the locals, so it will be possible to enter the places where the tourists usually just do not get. In addition, he knows Mexico well and is good with dealing with different situations, so the group will see true Mexico.

 This group is international, as a result you will have the opportunity to improve your English and learn the basics of Spanish.


What is the purpose of this trip?


One of the intensions of this unique journey is to recognize your hidden talents and to find your place in the group that this happens in a small tribe. One for all and all for one.

 It will be a shamanic training in live interaction with the surrounding conditions and deep healing work.

 So we can say that the goal of this remarkable trip is to get a significant knowledge of the spirit world and learn how to integrate it into our daily experience. The journey will teach us through the desert, mountains, jungles, sea and medicine...

 Just travel through this exciting country full of aroma and color and make sure you are getting a powerful experience.

 To do this, you'll learn how to work with shamanic power, both – with the guides and by Mexican shamans.

 The specific details of the program will be introduced to the participants registered.


More about the guides: 


Zdenek Ordelt (Zen) 

He was born 1976 in the middle of Europe, in Czech Republic. He started studying esoteric teachings since he was 16 years old. He got his first shamanic drum in the age of 23 and from that moment he did not stop studying and then teaching sacred shamanic way. He studied with Azecs, Huichol, Maya, Mazatecos in Mexico. In 2005 found organization “Ojo de dios”, where he offers to study Shamanic, Buddhist and Yoga way. 

Zen was initiated as Mayan priest Aj ́kich in tribe Quiche in Guatemala in 2013.

In these days he is helping to recover old Slavic roots and teachings in his country. As guide, he is working for 5 year, led many groups to the Mexico, Guatemala and Cuba.



Dovile Sirusaite

Lithuanian. Born in 1983. shamanic journey practitioner, guide and woman with beautiful heart.

She was trained by shamans in Amazonia jungle in Peru in old sacred plant way of Ayahuasca. This year received initiation in mayan shamanic way of Aj'kij ' . She is one of the Moon dancer in Mexican Lakota tradition " Camino Rojo". She is teacher of Ashtanga yoga as well.



This yourney is designed for any age person, If you are fysicaly healthy.


Lengh of the journey is 21 days.

 Come and see incredible magic of Mexico. Heartfully Zdeněk Ordelt


Oko Bohů ( Eye of the gods organization )

For more information write to: okobohushamanic@gmail.com









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